Beyond Desks And Chairs: Creativity In Office Furniture Fit Outs

In the constantly evolving world of office design, it’s become trendy to include everything from juice bars and bean bags to games arcades and ping pong tables. To some, it might seem frivolous but there are sound reasons for going beyond just the  traditional desks and chairs set up.

Designing an environment which caters to all needs can enhance employee experience, inspire creativity, improve productivity and make a business a much more desirable place to work. Discover the ways you can add real value to your office space and transform it into a haven of creativity.


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Create Breakout Areas

Breakout areas offer staff a chance to get away from their desks and hang out, whether it's collaborating on a work project or simply having their lunch. Consider introducing bean bags or hammock chairs to create comfortable spaces and look at ways you can make your office a more comfortable and welcoming place to be.

An office interior fit out company can advise on what types of furniture will break up the traditional office layout, help start conversations and prove a great way to banish the monotony of work.

Build Ergonomic Workstations To Improve Employee Health

Office furniture installation companies are witnessing a growing demand for flexible workstations that cater to staff who want to stand as well those who prefer to sit.  Fully adjustable chairs with lumbar support and desks that aren’t boxed in or cramped can make a world of difference to an employee’s work environment. 

Back pain and injuries make up 30% of all work-related illnesses which has a significant impact on productivity and ultimately profitability. Ergonomic desk configurations, devised and installed by commercial office interior designers can make a demonstrable difference to employees’ day-to-day comfort. Smart furniture can even sense poor posture and adjust accordingly reducing days lost to sickness, injury and recovery. 

Stay Up To Date With Integrated Technology

The latest tech can be leveraged to make the environment more comfortable and enjoyable for employees. Air con, high quality air filters and temperature controls will all create an optimum environment for worker productivity. 

Similarly, smart technology means employees focus less on mundane tasks and can instead concentrate on more important and productive areas. Group messaging and work organisation apps can save time on calls while AI and voice-activated equipment offer smart solutions which improve efficiency. 

Computerised lighting tech can optimise lighting levels for productivity, which can then be used effectively alongside maximising the use of natural light, a factor that commercial fit out specialists will always consider when they’re trying to create an optimum environment for employee wellbeing. Also, consider installing furniture with USB ports and cable management solutions to keep all that tech nice and neat.

Incorporate Brand Identity

The beauty of building a creative office is the opportunity to think completely outside the box – colour clashes, living walls, impressive plants and talking point features.

As well as being right fit for the environment, the furniture you choose should align with your branding, styles and colours. Walls are blank canvases screaming out for a creative design which reflects your company ethos while breakout areas can encapsulate your flexible and innovative company culture.

Transform Your Workspace

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