The Subcontractor Factor: Choosing The Right Office Fit-Out Company

Choosing a commercial fit-out company can bring huge benefits to your lettings agency or office because they’ll use their experience to create a space which works for your market. Not only do they have experience in functional yet stylish office design, but they’re also aware of current trends and can help you take steps to future-proof your business.

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How To Choose An Office Fit-Out Company – Five Key Criteria To Look For

Refitting your work space is an important undertaking so it pays to do some research first and find a commercial fit-out company that aligns with your needs.

  1. Expertise – Do they have what it takes to successfully complete your project? Yes, they may be experienced but does this mean they have the right capabilities to do what you specifically want them to? A competent firm will provide you with detailed plans, outlines, timescales and costs. 
  1. Portfolio – Check out a fit-out company’s past work in real life, not just on their website. Photos may be impressive but it’s good to see actual examples of work and ensure the type of work they deliver is similar to what you want. 
  1. DesignHaving the right design is important but it starts with a comprehensive brief, so the interiors company understands 
  1. Costs – You should have an initial budget when you meet with a company as this will give them an idea of your requirements and goals. When they do quote, make sure the quote is detailed, transparent and reasonable with clear payment terms and look for any clauses which allow for price changes, so you don’t receive any unwelcome surprises down the line.
  1. Customer service – Understand what this looks like once you sign the contract. Will they keep you informed at every stage, do testimonials suggest they provide great customer care? It’s important you find a firm that keeps you in the loop – after all it can be a big project for your company which results in lots of upheaval. 

Benefits Of Choosing A Professional Interior Fit-Out Contractor

A commercial contractor will bring with them a wealth of experience and will keep you up to date at every step. They act as one point of contact for all subcontractors and will project manage the refurbishment from start to finish. They can also ensure the work meets the relevant compliance and health and safety regulations.

In addition, commercial office fit-out companies can be a more cost-effective solution than managing it all yourself – they have good relationships with the right tradespeople which means they may receive preferential rates which can be passed onto the customer. They also use their expertise to ensure things happen in the correct order, streamlining the process and keeping costs down.

Harness the power of a strong subcontractor network for your next office fit-out project; contact Creative Office & Commercial Interiors today.

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