The Power of First Impressions: Creating a Welcoming Reception Area

Receptions are critically important for creating a positive first impression when a client, supplier or visitor comes to visit. You want them to be blown away by your business and to know the service they receive will be second-to-none.

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Much like a shop window with an inviting display, the interior design of a reception area should be welcoming and enticing – it will make your visitor comfortable, and it will show the best of your brand. A poorly designed space, however, can create a negative impression, damage your corporate identity and even lose you business.

Engaging a professional office design company can ensure you have a welcoming reception desk which is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also aligns with your company’s brand and meets your practical needs too.

Displaying Your Branding

You can have your branding in your reception without it being showy. Most companies design their reception with their logo and colours in mind, but you can also showcase your credentials more subtly by using high quality furnishings, stylish colour schemes and additional touches such as coffee table books, artwork, refreshment facilities and so on.

Great Signage

When a client arrives for the first time it’s important they know where they’re going. You’re familiar with the layout but they won’t be, and especially if it’s a large building it can be confusing. Simple things like being able to find the toilets or the lifts can make a huge difference.

Choosing The Right Furniture

A sofa is a sofa, right? Well, yes and no. The fabric you use, the colour, the softness or hardness etc all play a part in creating the right feel. A plush, squishy sofa might be great for curling up on at home, but it could look out of place in your reception. Plus, it’s harder for people to get out of quickly. They can also look saggy and careworn, so generally you tend to see firmer furniture being used in waiting areas as it still provides some cushioning whilst maintaining a professional look and feel.

Choose fabrics that are durable and easy to clean as they will receive a lot of wear. Similarly, make sure reception desk furniture is of a high quality so it won’t chip or look worn. And finally, ensure the reception is serviceable – it’s easy to clean, lightbulbs are quick to reach and change and it can withstand the knocks that inevitably come with lots of people passing through.

Engaging An Office Design Company

Some companies choose to design their own reception areas, but many more opt to hire a professional office interiors firm. A specialist firm has the knowledge and expertise to create an intuitive layout which is visually pleasing yet functional and ensures a good flow of traffic as people come and go throughout the day. They can also incorporate current trends while building something that is contemporary and timeless.

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