Vision To Reality: Setting Clear Goals For Your Teams New Office Space

While businesses have embraced online and remote work since the pandemic, the significance of physical office spaces in fostering creativity, collaboration, and productivity among team members should not be underestimated. A workplace that genuinely supports their needs and aligns with your broader business objectives is unmatched in its ability to unite your staff.

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Leasing new office space marks an exhilarating milestone in your business's growth. However, before embarking on any physical transformations like tearing down walls or adding partitions, it is vital to articulate your vision and translate it into a well-defined set of objectives.

Make Sure Any Office Renovation Is Part Of Overall Business Strategy

Moving into a new office is a great opportunity to create an environment which maximises your employees’ potential. Before you plunge head-first into a commercial office fit-out it’s important to consider how you will achieve this and how any renovations fit with your broader business goals.

Do you want to build a workspace that promotes collaboration or one that’s tech-forward? Do you advocate for flexible working styles and require an office environment that aligns with this approach? How do you want your business to be perceived both by staff and visitors?

Your vision will set the tone for the entire project and guide any decision-making so it’s essential you think carefully about what is required.

Assess Your Team’s Dynamics

Your employees are your biggest asset and creating an environment which promotes productivity, creativity and company culture is essential. Consider how they work now and how this will develop in the future, as well as any adjustments you can make to improve wellbeing.

Involve them in the planning process so you can understand their needs and build an office design which meets their needs. Consulting with staff provides you with valuable input and gives them a sense of ownership and excitement about upcoming changes.

Key Planning Factors To Consider

Once you’ve established your vision you need to translate it into functional objectives. These could include:

  • Collaboration or recreational areas – spaces that give staff an opportunity to brainstorm, work together or simply take time out and recharge when they need to
  • Future growth – how will you allow for expansion whether it’s an increase in equipment or more desks for future staff? Flexibility is important so you can adapt as business needs and staff needs change
  • Employee wellbeingPoor mental health accounts for 51% of all staff long-term sick leave so creating a commercial interior which fosters wellbeing should be front and centre of your plan.
  • Sustainability practices – What steps will you take to improve sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint? Consider energy-saving light bulbs, natural lighting, noise reduction and furniture which is not only durable but retains functionality.
  • Brand image representation – As well as being a productive place to work your office space should embody your brand. Consider drawing from your branding colour palette when choosing wall coverings, paint, furnishings etc. Assess your use of logos – you want to build company pride but too much can be over the top.

Define Measurable Metrics

Your office will evolve as your company does and you should establish benchmarks once your commercial office refurbishment is complete to assess its effectiveness. Use metrics such as employee satisfaction, productivity rates, and cost savings to discover what has worked and what may need some tweaking.

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