Revitalise Your Gym Changing Rooms For An Elevated Customer Experience

The gym changing rooms are the first area your client sees after reception and the last place they visit before they leave so it’s essential they create a good impression. Not only should they reflect and enhance your brand, they should be designed with the aim of creating a welcoming ambience for people to get changed in. Not everyone likes to change in public, but the right design can ensure their experience is a positive one.

If your gym changing rooms are looking a little tired and tatty it may be time to give them a makeover. Whether it’s a minor spruce up or a full-scale gym fit out, creating a pleasing gym interior design can ensure members come back, boost your reputation and give you the edge over your competitors.

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Four Ways To Revamp Your Gym Changing Rooms

1. Improved Design And Layout

As well as being welcoming, your changing room design plan needs to maximise functionality with good flow and plenty of places for people to change. You want people to feel comfortable when they switch into their exercise gear, not cramped together with strangers. 

Concentrate on the basics first – toilets, showers, sinks, benches and secure lockers as well as plenty of benches and hooks to hang clothes on. Then, think about how the layout flows logically. Many gyms will put lockers at the entrance with showering facilities further back for more privacy. Consider where necessary, custom furniture and fittings to maximise the space you have.

2. Optimised Lighting And Mirrors

The right lighting can transform a space, turning it from harsh and uninviting to warm and welcoming. It’s particularly important as lighting which is too bright can make gym goers feel uncomfortable when changing. It should be a good mix of overhead, ambient and task lighting. Even if you’re not planning on a full-scale refurbishment, adding LED strip lighting to the tops of lockers can be an effective and economical way of creating mood, for example. 

Well-placed mirrors should also add to the overall ambience and clever positioning will make your changing area feel more spacious.

3. Make Your Space Accessible

Any creative gym interior design will carefully consider accessibility too and cater to those with disabilities. Wheelchair access, disabled cubicles, toilets and showers, support bars and sufficient space are paramount. 

Comfortable baby changing facilities can also help your gym appeal to a wider customer base. If you market your gym to families with children and babies, make sure they have the space to get changed in a stress-free environment along with nappy changing facilities and child-height sinks.

4. Ensure Privacy And Security

Some people feel anxious and vulnerable getting changed in public so ensuring privacy is protected is essential. Some customers are happy with communal changing areas but ensure there are private cubicles too with well-constructed doors and locks.

Additionally, providing secure places for personal items can enhance personal safety and security. And finally, if you have key-operated or padlock lockers, consider swapping them for digital keypad solutions – not only do they look smart and spruce up your changing rooms, it saves clients having to hold onto a key while working out.

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